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When Refrigerated Probiotics are Best for Your Inner Health

Supporting the right balance of good gut bacteria has never been easier thanks to a selection of Inner Health probiotics to suit just about everyone. That said, you might have noticed that Inner Health offers both refrigerated and shelf stable probiotics, which might have made you wonder ‘Which probiotic is right for me?’

The answer comes down to whatever is your personal preference, because choosing Inner Health gives you both options. Many Inner Health probiotics are shelf-stable, uniquely protected by Activ-Vial™ technology, an insulated desiccant-lined bottle that provides more protection of probiotic bacteria outside of the fridge*. There are however, some situations when a fridge-stored probiotic is going to be the best option for your unique needs.

This comes down to two factors: the needs of the probiotic itself, and your needs – either of which might require a refrigerated probiotic over a shelf-stable probiotic for the job.


What factors will make a refrigerated probiotic the right choice for me?

Certain beneficial strains, such as therapeutic species that are useful for advanced protection following antibiotics or work to maintain vaginal health, can be too sensitive for storage conditions over 8°C.  For this reason, certain formulations with unique benefits will need to be stored between 2°C to 8°C (in the fridge) for the best results. As the experts in probiotics for more than 30 years, Inner Health ensures each formulation is correctly stored according to the needs of the probiotic strain, based on the scientific evidence.

Living in Australia, you are no stranger to scorching summers and piling on sunscreen to protect yourself. Similarly, hot climates can impact the probiotic bacteria within supplements, which can limit their effectiveness & product life. For this reason, if you live in an environment that doesn’t fall below 25°C for most of the day, you may feel more comfortable storing your probiotics in the fridge, so we formulate to give you the choice.


Where can I find out if I need a fridge-stored probiotic and how can I make sure I don’t forget to take it?

To help you learn what the best refrigerated probiotic is for you, our probiotic assistant, Vee is able to point you in the right direction. Depending on Vee’s suggestion, you may want to consider if your home environment is going to remain at an ambient temperature for correct storage. If a fridge-stored probiotic is preferred, here are some ideas to remind you to take your probiotic daily so you don’t miss out on the whole-body benefits:


  • Rely on a routine – take your probiotic at a similar time each day (when you have your morning cup of coffee, after breakfast, with lunch, etc), helping you commit it to muscle memory
  • Use post-it notes next to your bathroom mirror, on the fridge door, by the kettle or near your keys – anywhere that will remind you to take your probiotic from the fridge
  • Add a reminder alert in your phone to take your Inner Health around the time you start your morning routine
  • Think P.K.W.P – phone, keys, wallet, probiotic - to help you remember to take your Inner Health each day


Fridge-stored probiotics have you covered to boost your Inner Health.

Whether you choose a probiotic that is stored in the fridge or on the shelf, it’s important to read the label to ensure you store it correctly for maximum effect. If a refrigerated probiotic is best for your needs, try some of the above strategies to ensure consistent daily consumption. Ultimately, choosing the right probiotic storage method will enable you to maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria and reap maximum health benefits!

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