a bottle of supplements being held by an astronaut in space

It’s not just a new bottle. It’s a life support system. Introducing new Activ-Vial™ technology.

Our revolutionary Activ-Vial™ packaging protects probiotics to guarantee they stay live & effective without refrigeration.

Australian’s trust Inner Health to deliver the highest quality, evidence based, LIVE probiotics; so as experts & leaders of probiotics for over 25 years we tasked ourselves with developing truly fridge free probiotics, that remain live and effective at full strength in Australian temperatures.

Probiotics must be live for them to work effectively, requiring careful and correct storage to survive as they are impacted by temperature fluctuations and moisture.

It has taken rigorous testing which has resulted in the launch of Activ-Vial™ technology – an insulated desiccant lined bottle that continually absorbs moisture, protecting the probiotic bacteria to ensure they are always live. Being larger and longer lasting than standard desiccants, Activ-Vial™ continues to absorb moisture after the bottle is opened, for next generation probiotic protection.

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