Support For Skin Flare-Ups and Downs

Inner Health's Skin Range helps you manage your little one's flare-ups and keeps your skin healthy too.

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The Skin-Gut Connection

Skin health can be impacted by many factors including common conditions such as eczema, dermatitis & acne, changes in the weather, our diets, sun exposure and our overall gut health.

Our skin has its own microbiome that delicately balances millions of bacteria to keep our skin healthy. We often support our skin externally with topical creams & skincare routines but did you know you can also support your skin from the inside out?

Everyday, there are new advancements in gut health research showing the important role our gut plays in other parts of our body, most recently being our skin.

Probiotic strains LGG® & BB-12® in combination, and vitamin D, have been well-researched to provide a tonne of benefits for your skin. They help reduce the occurrence of eczema, dermatitis & allergy symptoms in children and support skin healing, repair & overall skin health when sun exposure is limited.

With Winter bringing shorter days of sunshine, cooler temperatures & dry air, our skin can use some help to keep healthy.

Support Your Skin with Inner Health

Support for acne & skin irritations

Made in Australia - Inner Health Skin Shield - 30 Capsules

Inner Health Skin Shield Probiotic

  • Helps reduce the occurrence of acne symptoms
  • Supports skin healing, regeneration & repair
  • Relieves eczema & dermatitis symptoms
When sun exposure is limited
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Support for your little one's flare ups

Made in Australia - Inner Health Eczema Shield Kids - 60g powder

Inner Health Eczema Shield Kids Probiotic

  • Reduces the occurrence of eczema & allergy symptoms
  • Relieves symptoms of mild eczema such as itching
  • Supports skin healthy skin including healing & repair
When sun exposure is limited
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Tips to Protect Your Little One's Gut Health

Up to 1 in 3 kids suffer with eczema in Australia1, with flare-ups causing discomfort & leaving little one's unsettled.

With the gut playing such an important role in their skin health, here are 4 tips to help keep their tiny tummies healthy.

Go high on wholefoods

Whole foods are those foods that are minimally processed – meaning they are consumed in as close to their natural form as possible. For example, eating an apple, rather than drinking apple juice – or choosing wholegrain bread & pasta over white bread & pasta.

Go slow on the sugar

Having lots of sugar in your little one's diet promotes the growth of sugar-loving bad bacteria in the gut, which can affect the number & health of beneficial bacteria present in their gut.

Swap to better fats

The difference between good fats & better fats comes from the balance of healthy foods your little one is receiving. Choosing a range of healthy fats for your child will ensure their gut bacteria is healthy, & their digestion strong.

Choose a daily probiotic for kids

Probiotics are superstars for your little one's health. When selecting a probiotic for your child, be sure to choose a well-researched probiotic supplement formulated specifically for use in children.

Revolutionary Packaging for Live & Effective Probiotics

Activ-Vial™ provides more probiotic protection*

Keeps probiotics alive, stable & efficacious until product expiry.

Has an insulated double wall & active core that traps moisture & reduces light, protecting the probiotics.

*Compared to shelf stable probiotics that use a loose desiccant canister or sachet.

Activ-Vialª uses a built-in moisture barrier - Capsules see virtually no moisture.

Go Deep on Skin & Probiotics

The Connection Between Your Gut & Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and our first line of defence against the outside world. Because of its constant exposure to internal & external elements, there are many factors which can compromise skin health. Eczema (atopic dermatitis) & acne are two common skin conditions that affect a large proportion of the population...

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Managing Eczema with Probiotics

Many people are under the assumption that eczema only affects infants & children, however, this is not the case. Although eczema most commonly appears in young children, many of whom 'grow out of it', some may continue to have this condition into their adult life. Additionally, people who thought they were lucky enough to escape the effects of eczema during their childhood may...

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1Allergy and anaphylaxis Australia. April 2018. Atopic eczema management. Accessed 09/06/2023.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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