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Triple the Goodness: Introducing 3-in-1 Probiotic Gummies

Gummies were once reserved to the confectionary aisle but are now considered an effective delivery alternative for vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The gummy market has exploded for both kids and adults and we’ve been working hard to get ours right. We’re proud to introduce a new range of unique 3-in-1 probiotic gummies.


Why gummies?

Gummies were originally introduced into the supplement market as a way to encourage kids to take their vitamins. However, they’ve proven to be popular with grown-ups too, appealing to both younger and older adults who prefer a delicious, fun way to take their daily dose, along with those who might have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. The advantage with gummies is they make taking supplements less of a chore. They’re tasty, easier to swallow and can ease “pill fatigue” for those who are overwhelmed with the amount of tablets/capsules they need to take on a daily basis. Furthermore, gummy probiotics don’t have any special storage requirements as the strains are heat stable. They don’t need to be refrigerated, which makes them convenient and portable in case you want to take them on the go.


What makes our gummies unique?

3-in-1 (2 probiotic strains plus a prebiotic)

The Inner Health Probiotic Gummies range includes an innovative 3-in-1 formula, designed to support gut health, digestion and immunity. Both the adult and kids products have been specially formulated with 2 probiotic strains, Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis, which is an Australian first. They also contain the goodness of prebiotic fibre, from chicory root, which acts as a fuel source for the good bacteria in the gut. Each serve provides 2-4 billion live probiotics, among the highest of the probiotic gummies on the market.


Inner Health 3-in-1 Probiotic Gummies and Kids 3-in-1 Probiotic Gummies:

  • Contribute to general health and wellbeing
  • Assist good gut health and digestion
  • Provide daily immune support
  • Help to balance good gut bacteria and
  • Nourish the gut


They taste delicious

Along with being a high-strength, 3-in-1 formula, the Inner Health Probiotic Gummies taste great. The adult gummies are a delicious natural berry flavour which makes taking your daily probiotic dose fun. The kids formula is a natural orange flavour that has been taste-tested & approved by kids, so you can rest assured they’ll actually look forward to taking them.


No sugar, no artificials

Both Inner Health Probiotic Gummies proudly contain NO added sugar and NO artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. The colours come courtesy of nature – from black carrots, turmeric and paprika. The flavours from orange and berries. They are naturally sweet, with zero added sugar, so you don’t have the added stress of increasing sugar consumption or of harming yours or your child’s teeth.


Vegan friendly

Inner Health Probiotic Gummies are vegan friendly. The gummies are made using pectin and agar agar rather than animal-derived gelatin. This makes them suitable for people who are following a vegan or plant-based diet.


The Inner Health Probiotic Gummies range is suitable for anyone looking for a convenient and enjoyable way to introduce probiotics into their daily diet to support their gut, immunity and digestive health, along with their overall wellbeing. You can purchase them right here or find them in your local pharmacy.

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