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How probiotics can help support your child’s immunity

The chilly winter weather has well and truly set in. If colds and flus have been doing the rounds in your household and your little ones are coughing and sniffling yet again, now is the time to prioritise your children’s health. Recurrent infections take their toll on the immune system, so give your kids immune systems a boost to help them get well and stay well. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that not only support healthy digestion - they also keep the immune system strong and resilient. Ask yourself, do your kids need probiotics today?

Beneficial bugs

As parents, we need to ensure our little ones have healthy, strong immunity - especially when playing with other kids at school or in day care where they are more susceptible to picking up colds, flus and other infections. Gut bacteria plays a vital role in the development of a child’s immune system; right from birth, the immune system is switched on when it comes into contact with the beneficial bacteria of the birth canal. With approximately 70% of the immune system located right within the digestive tract, 1 it makes perfect sense to look after your children's gut balance - not just in winter, but all year long. A daily probiotic provides beneficial bacteria that can help restore balance to your children's digestive system, boost immunity and enhance general wellbeing, so your little ones can have more fun and play time with friends.

Break the cycle of recurring colds and flu

If you are fed up with looking after a houseful of sick kids, then now is the time to beat the cycle of recurring coughs and colds with Inner Health Daily Immune Kids. This specially formulated blend of probiotics containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®) and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis (BB-12®) with Inulin has been scientifically formulated to help keep your child healthier, reduce colds and days absent from childcare or school and assist with faster recovery.
Healthier kids means happier parents!

Probiotics for children

Probiotics really are superstars when it comes to health. Not only are they known to help restore digestive balance and aid immunity, they also improve general wellbeing. A well-functioning gut with a good balance of bacteria allows your children to digest the foods they eat and absorb the nutrients that are so essential for wellness. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the digestive tract; low numbers of good and higher numbers of the bad bacteria can compromise health and immunity. This delicate balance is easily upset, particularly by antibiotics, poor dietary choices, high sugar diets and stress. Probiotics can help restore this balance of good and bad bacteria. Inner Health Kids can be used for children for normal healthy digestive function and general wellbeing. If a child has been taking a course of antibiotics, Inner Health Kids may assist in maintaining the balance of good bacteria that may have been disrupted.

Hints for healthy kids

In addition to probiotics, the following dietary and lifestyle recommendations can help keep your kids healthy this winter:

Avoid sugar

The refined sugars found in chocolates, cakes and other types of junk food can weaken the immune system and encourage the growth of bad bugs in the digestive tract.

Have heaps of healthy food

Healthy nutritious foods are important for your children’s growth and immunity. Reduce fatty, refined and processed foods, increase fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality protein, whole grains and foods containing essential fats (such as oily fish, nuts and seeds) to ensure they are eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Less screen time and more green time

Play time promotes general wellness and health and is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Make sure your child has 30 minutes of play time every day and limits the hours of watching TV.


Children need adequate sleep to ensure optimal body and mind development. Ensure your kids get 8-10 hours sleep every night for optimal health.

Probiotic superstars

Whether your aim is to boost your children's immune systems, support healthy digestion or general wellbeing, a daily probiotic can help restore optimal gut health to keep your kids well this winter. Together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, probiotics can help to reduce the coughs and sniffles of colds and flus, breaking the cycle of sickness in your household. Restore your children’s digestive and immune balance with probiotic superstars - and keep your kids bouncing with health and happiness this winter.

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