Advanced Spectrum Probiotic: An Energy Boosting Probiotic

Advanced Spectrum Probiotic: An Energy Boosting Probiotic

When you’re feeling low in energy, the state of your gut health is probably not the first thing you blame. However, our gut health can in fact affect how energetic we feel. Taking probiotics can be an important step in supporting our daily energy and reducing fatigue. Of course, not all probiotics are the same. The best probiotic for energy should be a high-quality formula with scientifically researched strains and energy-supporting nutrients such as Advanced Spectrum Probiotic.

Advanced Spectrum Probiotic: Why we Made it

Advanced Spectrum Probiotic was made to support the diverse range of bacteria found in a healthy gut microbiome. It is formulated with a unique blend of probiotic strains and optimised with additional nutrients, delivering a wide range of 16 health benefits in one daily capsule. Advanced Spectrum Probiotic supports the body’s production of energy as well as assisting the digestive and immune system, skin health and general health and well-being.

The Link Between Gut Health and Daily Energy Levels

The major role of the gut and digestive system is to break down and absorb nutrients from the foods we eat to provide the body with the energy it needs to function. The gut microbiome is a critical component of the digestive process. The bacteria in the gut help the body break down complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre, producing a by-product called short-chain fatty acids.¹ These act as an energy source for cells throughout the body and help support the overall gut environment.

Gut bacteria also have the ability to produce their own vitamins including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, folate, biotin and vitamin K1. Most of these nutrients are involved in converting the food we eat into usable energy.

Gut Health, Tiredness and Fatigue

If your gut health is compromised, it could be making you tired. Since the gut microbiome influences how well we digest our food and convert this food into energy, it can play a role in how energetic we feel throughout the day.

Scientists have actually found a link between persistent fatigue and a reduction in gut microbiome diversity.² They have also discovered that reduced gut microbe diversity can impact the quality of our sleep.³ A lack of sleep can of course affect our daytime energy levels and cause mental and physical fatigue.

Can Probiotics Help Fight Fatigue?

If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, probiotics are probably not the first supplement that springs to mind. However, since the gut microbiome influences energy production in the body and a compromised gut microbiome is linked to tiredness and poor sleep quality, taking a daily probiotic may help fight fatigue. A recent clinical study found that a multi-strain (also known as a broad spectrum) probiotic was a promising intervention for people experiencing persistent fatigue due to various underlying factors.

Taking a broad spectrum probiotic with additional energy-influencing nutrients such as Advanced Spectrum Probiotic can bolster the health and diversity of bacteria in your gut and provide energy level and energy production support.

Advanced Spectrum Probiotic
Inner Health Advanced Spectrum Probiotic delivers 16 health benefits including energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Probiotics Give you More Energy?

Probiotics support gut health and the diversity of the gut microbiome and these play an important role in the breakdown and conversion of food into energy. Therefore, taking probiotics may support the body’s energy levels if your gut microbiome is not functioning optimally. When choosing the best probiotic for energy, it is important to look for a high quality and scientifically backed probiotic such as Advanced Spectrum Probiotic, which has multiple strains and the addition of energy nutrients including vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin).

What Happens When you Take Probiotics Every Day?

When you take probiotics every day as part of your wellness routine, you will be helping to nurture your gut microbiome, which in turn will help keep your whole body healthy. Taking a daily probiotic such as Advanced Spectrum Probiotic may help support digestive health, immunity, energy production, skin health, bowel regularity, brain health, general wellbeing and more. Advanced Spectrum Probiotic has been specifically formulated for everyday use. Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of a broad spectrum probiotic.

Can Low Gut Bacteria Cause Fatigue?

Yes, low gut bacteria or more specifically low diversity of gut bacteria has been linked to the development of fatigue in a number of studies.² Maintaining a good mix of probiotic strains (bacteria) in the gut is the key to having a healthy microbiome and a healthy microbiome can support gut health and improve energy levels.


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